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Hemp and Happening

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The industry of cannabis has seen many ups and downs in its more than 2000-year-old history. But it is safe to say right now that in recent years there has been significant growth of the industry in many aspects such as increased usage in medicinal purposes, the plant is thoroughly being researched and new compounds with unique properties are coming into light. Some of the recent benchmarks achieved in the cannabis industry are discussed below:- Single extract cannabidiol vs. whole-plant extracts

Not long ago in May 2019 research facilities in the US such as Harvard Medical School and MIT have been the leading entities to work under a $9 million project aimed to receive a detailed analysis of the effects of purified CBD against the full plant extracts containing CBD as well as several other cannabinoids. The grant money issued for the research by Charles R. Broderick an investor in the medical market of marijuana-based in Canada and the alumnus of both the aforementioned schools are reported to be the highest amount of money dedicated towards the research of cannabis plant. Tax revenue generation– Even staunch conservatory states such as Texas where although decriminalized, cannabis is not legal a movement has been growing since the past month. This is mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world like wildfire. Along with problems like balancing the economic and health concerns the sates have to deal with another crucial aspect, recovering the billions of dollars lost in state tax revenue as well as innumerable lost jobs. It is being hoped that marijuana legalization may provide us with the answer. Including cannabis on the Ballot in November– The year 2020 as numerous cannabis advocates predicted was supposed to be the time when as many as sixteen states across the US would have passed their laws legalizing the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana as confirmed by Andrew Cuomo The governor of New York who stated it was a priority during as recent times as the month January this year. Some of the sates such as South Dakota and New Jersey as well as Mississippi have been able to get their legalization on the ballot. But all of this was before the pandemic hit, since then it has become next to impossible to collect the signatures needed for the Ballot in November. There have been campaigns that are taking initiatives for drive-by signing and even the possibility of e-signatures. Dispensaries in the US and Canada have been allowed to open gradually– As the states are reopening after the lockdowns due to coronavirus marijuana dispensaries around the country have been gradually allowed to open and serve customers. Starting from May 25th 2020, 44 recreational marijuana dispensaries have been allowed curbside pickups. Dispensaries that weren’t declared essential businesses have also been allowed to start serving their first in-person customers. In Ontario, Canada the private retailers are even allowed to offer home delivery to customers. Cannabis-based medication helps tackle dependency- A recent study at the University of Sydney has

shown the first strong evidence that cannabis replacement therapy can reduce the chances of relapse in a person. The process includes a cannabis concentrate with equal proportions of THC and CBD that is sprayed under the tongue and thus rendering the otherwise respiratory issues `associated with smoking moot. The cure for autism– The autism spectrum disorder or ASD as it is now referred to, is a complex developmental disability. Generally, the symptoms are difficulty interacting with others and being aware of people’s feelings. As there is no definite cure for the disability, the CBD oil extracted from the marijuana plant has been observed to have a holistic and relaxing effect on the patients such as making them less prone to anxiety and can even stop seizures. Although the concrete proof that cannabis cures autism is yet to be found many parents across the globe are resorting to hemp oil for the somewhat temporary relief from the illness. These points being said to show that the world if not all at once, is gradually accepting the benefits of cannabis and it isn’t too bold to say that soon more and more nations will see to it as an important and ever-developing industry.

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